Hyperscope - Dynamic Knowledge Repository

What is Hyperscope?

Hyperscope is a dynamic knowledge repository as envisioned by Doug Engelbart.

What is Hyperscope Link website?

What you see on this Hyperscope website https://hyperscope.link is not the dynamic knowledge repository. It is the WWW or World Wide Web representation of some of elementary and mixed object documents. Objects are indexed and curated in the PostgreSQL database and may be located anywhere, including on the paper. Representations and sharing of elementary and mixed objects vary.

Any kind of objects related or not related to each other may be found on this website.

Publishing types on Hyperscope Link website

Publishing methods on this website are subject of change. There are now several publishing types on Hyperscope Link website:

Any type of document may change its publishing type and may be removed from the WWW. Documents remain forever in the dynamic knowledge repository, but not on the WWW necessary. Remember, the WWW website is not the actual dynamic knowledge repository.

Who is free to publish on Hyperscope Link?

We welcome everybody to publish on Hyperscope Link. Basic information you need to provide is the title of document, your name as author or instead just “anonymous” and the body of the document.

Hyperscope documents are created by corresponding authors and may be curated. They may be hyperlinked and related by author or people related, tags or other relation types.

Majority of documents published on Hyperscope Link website are published and encouraged to be published under the GNU Free Documentation License or other free documentation, or free software or free information licenses. Copyrights on specific objects in the dynamic knowledge repository may be fully reserved.



Ideas on how to use Hyperscope dynamic knowledge repository

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GNU Free Documentation License

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