Principles of HyperScope File Sorting System Hyperscope ID: 35141

Table of Contents

1 Principles [7/8] [87%]

  • [X] Directory location shall be decided by algorithm not by user.
  • [X] Algorithm done.
  • [X] Unique directories by their IDs should not be sorted under their parent IDs. They have to have its own by algorithm devised location.
  • [X] Every Set becomes also Directory on file system as soon as user wish to open files for a set. Set is subtree and name of subtree or node or name of node.
  • [X] Thus if the parent ID for any set is changed, then the the directory on the file system will never change for once established set. Position of the unique ID on the system does not change.
  • [X] Example structure is /home/data1/protected/hyperscope/3/5/1/4/4 for the Set ID 35144
  • [X] Unique ID numbers of nodes are to be used for the fixed structure of file system.
  • [ ] Symbolic links may be updated automatically for human and semantic based browsing of the file system. Symbolic links should have its semantic names of unique IDs.

Date: 2020-11-25 16:23:16.180466+01

Author: Jean Louis

Created: 2021-03-29 Mon 20:09