Review of TITAN GER 1000 fraudulent long-range locator and GER DETECT company

TITAN GER 1000 Long-Range Locator Review and GER DETECT COMPANY Review

Company GER DETECT with the domain GERDETECT.DE claims to be in Germany, selling devices purpoting to be made in Germany that allegedly may detect gold on long ranges. However, our review of these devices prove that they are fake. Interested customers are invited to come with the TITAN GER 1000 detector or any other long-range detector and we will prove it to be fake within few minutes. So many customers in Uganda and East Africa have lost tens of thousands of dollars on purchase of these fraudulent and fake devices from company GER DETECT, including have wasted money and resources for months, some even years, searching for gold where there was no gold, all based on false reports created by usage of TITAN GER 1000 “detectors”.

  1. Fact of fraud: Company GER DETECT is faking to be in Germany. They are not. German companies must have the imprint on their websites. Imprint (german Impressum) is an identification of a publisher; a publisher’s name along with the date and address and edition that is printed at the bottom of the title page. There exists legal specification of the imprint in Germany. One of obligations of the company is to place all information about the company, its registration, bank account, director’s name, and physical address on how company can be detected. There is no phone number on how to contact company in Germany.

  2. Fact of fraud: Long-range locators are class of fraudulent devices purporting to be able to detect gold and other minerals or treasures on distance. References:

  3. Fact of fraud: TITAN GER 1000 long-range fraudulent detector CANNOT DETECT HIDDEN GOLD in the same room together with the operator of the detector.

Hereby, we are inviting owners of TITAN GER 1000 to come for detector verification as we are at all times ready to prove that these long-range locators are fake and fraudulent.

More references about the fraudulent TITAN GER 1000 detector


Hereby, I am warning you that our major problem in getting gold from mining activities in East Africa is the distribution and relying on FALSE REPORTS.

There are people and government offices that will claim to know “where is gold” by providing dubious information based on satellite, based on non-existent and false microlepton fraud from Russia, based on long range locators, fraudulent devices purporting to know where is gold located on any distance such as Titan Ger 1000 – those methods of gold discovery are FRAUDULENT – THUS BEWARE OF FALSE REPORTS.

Best way to discover gold is by drilling core sample.

Core sample - Wikipedia

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