Communication and Reporting Officers' Problem Solving Examples

2021-09-20 Example of missed reporting on events

On this day I wish I would have a trained Communication and Reporting Officer I/C with me in Kampala, Uganda. I had an assistant and I wish the assistant would be trained Communication and Reporting Officer, but he wasn’t. Here are examples of confusion and time waste due to lack of training.

Meeting failure

First I wanted to meet the assistant and I could not. It really depended of the assistant’s skills. I have told him I am just on the left side of the Ugandan Registration Services Bureau at the car sales parking place. He asked somebody on the street and was totally misdirected to far location.

Remedy by trained Communication and Reporting Officer

Trained Communication and Reporting Officer would conduct himself properly:

Lack of proper supervision and reporting on events

I have left the assistant in the business services office to supervise the person providing service for us. I had to urgently travel to Kyebando and back to city center.

That assistant was left in the office means that assistant would need to keep informing me on events. I would need to know if person providing service is really providing the service or is maybe doing something else and delaying our urgent task.

I did not know anything as assistant wasn’t trained as Communication and Reporting Officer.

From distance I have called my assistant and asked him to confirm if they have got my email with passport pictures in the office. And I could not confirm it. Assistant could not even understand me on the phone. Instead of me calling there, I had to be informed that email has been received. Not even that simple task could be followed by untrained assistant.

When the opening time of the business services office was over, assistant went away to town without telling me. I have come to our headquarter faster than assistant.

Remedy by trained Communication and Reporting Officer

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