How to open Org mode hyperlinks at specific page number with qpdfview?

This explains how to set Org mode to open specific page of any PDF file or PDF file without designated specific page by using qpdfview.

Here is my variable org-file-apps where I have set 2 regular expressions, one is for files with the page with separator :: and one is for plain PDF files without designated page number:

org-file-apps ⇒ (("\\.pdf::\\([0-9]+\\)\\'" lambda (file link) (my-qpdfview file link)) 
                 ("\\.pdf\\'" lambda (file link) (my-qpdfview file link)) 
         (auto-mode . emacs) 
         ("\\.mm\\'" . default) 
         ("\\.x?html?\\'" . default))

And here is the function:

(defun my-qpdfview (file link)
  (if (string-match "[\\.pdf|::[:digit:]]$" link)
      (let* ((extension (file-name-extension link))
         (page (string-match "::" extension))
         (page (if page (progn (substring extension (+ 2 (string-match "::" extension))))))
         (file-argument (if page (format "%s#%s" file page) file)))
    (call-process "qpdfview" nil nil nil file-argument))))

This hyperlink below works well, and opens qpdfview at specific page number #4.

[[file:~/pllong.pdf::4][test page #4]]

And this below works as well, and opens the PDF file:

[[file:~/pllong.pdf][test page]]

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