May 12, 2021 2:03 AM, "Robert Weiner" wrote: Hi Jean Louis: I’m just curious with your blog-like articles at, why have you not written anything about Hyperbole. I think your business use of it or ideas from it would make for an interesting article plus just the kinds of things you find useful.-- Bob

Once you learn walking, you never talk about it.

That is how GNU Hyperbole is.

Sure, I will write about it, as it is akin project, and had to be part of GNU Hyperbole, but it is now large and I don’t know how it would work.

I have just defined this:

(when (fboundp 'hyperbole)
  (defil hyperscope "(hyperscope" ")" ".*" 'hyperscope))

So when I invoke a function hyperscope-capture-buffer then I get the buffer captured into Hyperscope and I can leave a "trace" in the buffer that is invoked with GNU Hyperbole:

What it does?

  • my command captures the buffer into Hyperscope dynamic knowledge repository;

  • with prefix key, it creates a Hyperbole but also Hyperscope link in the same buffer, this one: (hyperscope 37470)

  • by activating such link I get the Hyperscope object which may be seen on this video:

Using GNU Hyperbole with Hyperscope

Practical usage

  • write a proposal among many or various revisioned proposals, insert the ID into the proposal, any time client wish to refer back to proposal, I can ask for ID number and locate the exact version of the proposal sent to client by clicking a single key; then if I I am revising the proposal by using GNU Hyperbole I can quickly jump back to the revision in question; no need for tedious looking up into the file systep, just a button, I am in the "file", in my system I am rather in the "object"; that may have more attributes than a single file;

  • mark specific emails with important information to be referenced later, relate the information to person, group, company, or create a follow-up by capturing full text of information (email) into the dynamic knowledge repository.

  • write email and publish in the same time, often I write emails with guidance that may be published for other people. Just like this email, I have used this button (hyperscope 37470) multiple times to quickly jump to the Hyperscope object and back to the email for editing.

  • it creates relation between two systems, one can be the file, email or any text, and other can be the database object; the button jumps from one to the other.

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