The Emacs Lisp functions for Asciidoctor may help to speed up the markup activities.

Asciidoctor, insert rouge attributes

The function will guide the user to interactively insert rouge attributes:

(defvar rcd-asciidoctor-rouge-style-history nil
  "Remembers history for styles in `rcd-asciidoctor-rouge'

(defun rcd-asciidoctor-rouge ()
  "Interactively enter Asciidoctor syntax highlighting for `rouge'
syntax highlighter."
  (insert (format ":source-highlighter: rouge\n"))
  (let* ((colors '("base16" "bw" "colorful" "github" "gruvbox" "igor_pro" "magritte" "molokai" "monokai" "monokai_sublime" "pastie" "thankful_eyes" "tulip"))
	 (style (completing-read "Choose rouge style: " colors nil t nil rcd-asciidoctor-rouge-style-history)))
    (insert (format ":rouge-style: %s\n\n" style))))

And the outcome will be something like following:

:source-hihglighter: rouge
:rouge-style: monokai_sublime

Easier enter admonitions

(defvar rcd-asciidoctor-admonition-history nil)

(defun rcd-asciidoctor-admonition ()
  "Interactively enter Asciidoctor admonition.
Use prefix key to enter admonition block."
  (let* ((admonitions '("NOTE" "TIP" "IMPORTANT" "CAUTION" "WARNING"))
	 (completion-ignore-case t)
	 (admonition (completing-read "Choose admonition: " admonitions nil t nil 'rcd-asciidoctor-admonition-historyy)))
    (if current-prefix-arg
	  (insert (format "[%s]\n.%s\n====\n\n====\n\n" admonition
			  (read-from-minibuffer "Title: ")))
	  (previous-line 3))
      (insert (format "%s: " admonition)))))
(defalias 'asciidoctor-rouge 'rcd-asciidoctor-rouge)
(defalias 'asciidoctor-admonition 'rcd-asciidoctor-admonition)
(define-prefix-command 'rcd-asciidoctor-map)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c a") 'rcd-asciidoctor-map)
(define-key rcd-asciidoctor-map "r" 'asciidoctor-rouge)
(define-key rcd-asciidoctor-map "A" 'asciidoctor-admonition)

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