Harvesting people’s information by web scraping


Just few days ago I have met nice people who recommended me a possible person that could help me in creation of business. I always invite people to become my partners instead of employees, but many are brainwashed and rather like accepting employee roles instead of sharing in the business.

Person was accepted wholeheartedly to start in business, although he has serious physical impairment that would obstruct communication with others. Yet, he said, for next day he would have some problems and would arrive about 11 o'clock, and I said “fine”. And 11 o'clock passed, and he did not arrive at all until late afternoon when I was not at working place. I could understand he had problems with his sister and her pains, for which she did not want to accept any remedies.

I really was expecting him next day to come early for work, but he did not arrive, and he came again late afternoon and told me that he had problems and issues with his uncle.

Then I told him to first do the some reading of our company matters. He was accepted without any training and first days of his relation with me he thinks that it is just fine to promise to come and then be absent until late evening without coordinating and communicating with me.

Then next thing that is that I have decided to handle the danger with people and meet more people to find out who is skilled and able to work with me in our business of wealth creation.

What I did is that I have paid for access to more than few thousands applicants with all the descriptions of their skills, education, languages they speak, their phone numbers, and pictures. Then I have hired a web scraper in Romania who harvested all the information and placed it into the spreadsheet. Spreadsheet data will be imported into the PostgreSQL business database. And then Emacs Lisp will handle all the initial communication with applicants, it is be possible to see their picture on one click, their profile, it is possible to find all people who are related to specific vocation or business, who had some experience, it is possible to see their age and other characteristics, send them SMS or automatically initiate a call with them.

Two employee’s late coming and lack of potential candidates converted into abundance of candidates.

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