Preliminary Communication Preparation Project

Table of Contents

1 Do not skip past misunderstood words

Do not skip past the words you do not understand.

If you find any word that you do not understand, you may fail doing this project or fail in doing anything else in your life.

Your mentor is expecting you to report any misunderstood word.

Clarify the words by using dictionaries or by asking your mentor about it.

Thus, do not skip past misunderstood words.

Consider it as primary principle and policy while doing any activity.

It is appreciated if you ask for meanings of any words and symbols that you maybe do not understand.

1.1 Excercises

  1. Find one word anywhere in this project document that you don't understand or maybe not understand it fully.
  2. Find a dictionary which may be online or which may be a paper dictionary.
  3. Find the definition for that word and clarify it.

1.2 Report

You are required to report back on this first section of the project and demonstrate what you did in the excercise. You will tell me how did you clarify this word.

And you are required to continue reporting on each section of this project.

2 Priority principle for life is "To Communicate"

Communication is number one priority.

This is not a motto or slogan. You are supposed to use this principle as a rule and as a policy in our business. Communicate.

That means that in case of any trouble, you are advised to communicate.

That means before any action you may think it is good to do, you are advised to communicate and to coordinate your actions.

We use communication for better coordination.

2.1 Exercises

Complete these excercises and submit the report back to manager.

  1. Explain in your own words what does it mean "to coordinate".
  2. Provide example on how you are going to coordinate your actions with other team members.
  3. Receive from mentor our definition of "Coordination".
  4. Submit the report on the above 2 points and continue doing so in each section of this project.

3 Definitions of words in the context of this project

is the person who gave you the assignment to complete this project.
something that happens at a given place and time
a written document describing the findings of some individual or group
to refer to another person for decision or judgment
the skillful and effective interaction of movements
the activity of conveying information
Geographic location
means identificationf of a point or an area on the Earth's surface or elsewhere.
the angular distance between an imaginary line around a heavenly body parallel to its equator and the equator itself
the angular distance between a point on any meridian and the prime meridian at Greenwich
GNU is free software operating system for computers.
it is the kernel of the GNU/Linux operating system and Android and Replicant operating systems.
it is the main part of the computer operating system that deals with input and output informatin
it is operating system for computers and mobile devices that is based on the Linux kernel.
Proprietary software
proprietary software does not give freedom to user to inspect the safety or to share the software, or to verify the software.

4 Purpose of the project

The purpose of Preliminary Communication Preparation Project is to prepare the individual for communication, coordination and reporting while respecting basic business policies.

Report back that you have understood this.

5 Requirements for this project

Requirements for this project are:

  1. [ ] Smart phone with Android or Replicant operating system, it may be borrowed, or used while in our premises.
  2. [ ] Possible access to any computer anywhere, Internet point or Internet cafe
  3. [ ] Access to Internet, or papers and pen for face to face submission of reports.
  4. [ ] Adequate literacy in English language.

5.1 Report back and inform mentor

Report to mentor and inform mentor which requirements you have or do not have. Resolve the problem before moving to the next step.

6 How to do this project

  1. [ ]

    First read the whole project and find any misunderstood words. Then clarify all the words and their meanings. Communicate with your mentor to receive help on clarifications.

    After reading, report to mentor. You are required to report on your actions frequently, without being reminded.

  2. [ ] Communicate with the mentor of this project about the misunderstood words until all words have been clarified.
  3. [ ] Decide to begin doing the project and inform your mentor that you are starting to do the project.
  4. [ ] Always do one step after the other step.
  5. [ ] Do not wait for the confirmation from mentor and continue doing next steps. The mentor may bring you back to some step that need corrections.
  6. [ ] If mentor tells you to hold on until you finish certain task, then finish the task well before continuing on the next step.
  7. [ ] Report on each step of the project.
  8. [ ] Do not skip any steps of the project.
  9. [ ] Complete fully one step and then go over to the next step.
  10. [ ] When communicating, be specific, detailed, particular. Avoid generalities.
  11. [ ] If you have problems or questions on how to handle any of the steps of this project please contact your assignor.

6.1 How to report [0/7] [0%]

This is the method of reporting:

  1. [ ] You are reporting by email.
  2. [ ] Do not attach files, write reports in the email.
  3. [ ] If no email communication is available, or you are close to mentor, reports relating to this project may be written on plain paper, or on this project document papers, and given to the mentor face to face.
  4. [ ] Designate the subject of the email to be the title of the section of this project and be sure to include the section number. In case of paper reporting, for each report, use separate sheet of paper with the title of the section of the project you are reporting.
  5. [ ] Write down the report on what you did based on the steps of the project section.
  6. [ ] Always include your own geographic location, the location where project steps have been conducted, the time and date, and which people have been involved.
  7. [ ] Report on each section of this project.

6.2 How to report on events

You are expected to report on each event.

Event is something that happens at a given place and time.

For example, if you are to move to city named Tabora, before moving to bus station, you would send email and inform me that you are moving to bus station, or if you bought the ticket, you may inform me, I bought the ticket, arrived to Tabora, have taken boda-boda, and so on.

Reporting on events is very much wanted and appreciated and that is exactly what is needed and wanted from you.

That is how you can make long term business relation with us.

We are looking for a Communication and Reporting Officer, and if officer is not reporting, what would be the point of it?

You would inform me of those events that are updating your location, the people you are meeting, events happening, new times and dates.

6.3 How to make pictures

  1. You are required to make pictures in our ongogin mining development projects.
  2. Always ask people for approval to make pictures if there are any people involved.
  3. Pictures have to be done horizontally and not vertically.
  4. Send a picture right now, to prove that you understand this point.

7 What will you achieve with this project

  1. [ ] You will properly establishe communication lines with mentor and team
  2. [ ] You will learn how to coordinate better your activities with other other team members.
  3. [ ] You will know how to write and submit daily and event reports.
  4. [ ] You will learn how to practically complete project steps.
  5. [ ] You will learn activities related to geography and orientation.

8 Communication requirements

You need to review if you can comply to following communication requirements.

  1. [ ] You need to have an Android or Replicant based phone, your own, not from your friends or borrowed. We will not provide an Android phone at this stage and for a single project. Once project have been finished, and reports are well done,
  2. [ ] Go to
    1. [ ] Locate the APK files of Androzic application.
    2. [ ] Download the Androzic application.
    3. [ ] Install Androzic.
    4. [ ] Locate the pin icon.
    5. [ ] Move around your home and go to various points of interests, such as the shop, bakery, restaurant, welder, anything you wish.
    6. [ ] Record a way-point in Androzic and designate the name to the way-point.
    7. [ ] Share each such way-point from Androzic to the assignor.
    8. [ ] Repeat this step until you get approval to move on with the project.
  3. [ ] Go to and install the F-Droid application.
    1. [ ] Update repositories.
  4. [ ] Install application: Silence
    1. [ ] Replace the former standard application on the smart phone with Silence.
    2. [ ] Send one encrypted SMS message to other team member and make sure that you can spot indications that the SMS message was encrypted.
    3. [ ] Send screenshot of the encrypted message to the mentor of this project.
  5. [ ] By using the application F-Droid install the application K-9 for email communication.
    1. [ ] Ask the mentor of this project to send you the email settings.
    2. [ ] Receive your password by SMS, or encrypted SMS or by phone call or other way that is not email communication line.
    3. [ ] Setup the email communication and send several emails to the mentor until your email communication standard have been approved in accordance with company policies.
  6. [ ] Install application: Openkeychain
    1. [ ] By using your email settings establish your secret and public key. Make sure that your password is not simple word but complicated password.
    2. [ ] Ask the mentor to send you his public key.
    3. [ ] Import the public key into the application.
    4. [ ] Call the mentor and ask for the fingerprint of his public key.
    5. [ ] Verify that the public key has the same fingerprint as the one that you have heard from mentor by phone or face to face.
    6. [ ] Send your first encrypted email to the mentor.
    7. [ ] Receive your first encrypted email from the mentor.
    8. [ ] Make backup of your secret and public key. Remove the backup from your phone to computer, or store it on special memory card if you have such.
    9. [ ] In the settings of K-9 email application, under cryptography, designate Open Keychain as main application.
    10. [ ] Choose your private key in the K-9 cryptography settings for your account.
  7. [ ] Ask the mentor to send you policies on encryption and safety of communication lines, and then all other policies of doing business with us, then report back on your acceptance of those policies.
  8. [ ] Install application: Conversations which is for chat purposes.
    1. [ ] Ask the mentor to send you the settings for the Conversations application.
    2. [ ] Start communicating with the assignor.
    3. [ ] Remove the encryption as we are using encrypted line, but not all devices will support the same type of encryption as this application Conversations.
  9. [ ] Install application: OsmAnd~
    1. [ ] Record your location or any location as a way-point.
    2. [ ] Assign way-point to the category "Preliminary".
    3. [ ] Share the way-point from OsmAnd~ application with the mentor.
    4. [ ] Assign several other way-points around your home to the same category.
    5. [ ] Share the whole category of recorded way-points to the assignor.
    6. [ ] Repeat this section until the assignor approves you to move forward with the project.
  10. [ ] Install application: Equate
    1. [ ] Convert 12 meters to feet on the application Equate and report back to assignor.
    2. [ ] Convert 200 US dollars to Tanzanian shillings and report back the result to assignor.
    3. [ ] Convert 10 hectares to square meters and report back to assignor.
  11. [ ] Install application: OI File Manager
    1. [ ] Go into the folder Androiz/data and locate the file myWaypoints.wpt
    2. [ ] Send the file to the mentor.
  12. [ ] Report to mentor the list of installed applications.
  13. [ ] Ask mentor which other applications are to be installed

9 Personal introduction

You need to send us your basic details. Please do not resend it, if you have already sent your details.

  1. [ ] Send us your full name
  2. [ ] Send us your birth date
  3. [ ] Birth place
  4. [ ] Your educational background
  5. [ ] Your past experiences
  6. [ ] Your skills
  7. [ ] Your current city or location and region
  8. [ ] Your full address, including the city
  9. [ ] Your ID card or voting card scanned or other identification document
  10. [ ] Submit your current employment status.

10 Project steps

  1. [ ] Research the Internet and and find out where is your country located.
  2. [ ] Share the link of your country from Openstreet Maps with your assignor by email.
  3. [ ] Find out where is capital city of your country and share the link with the supervisor.
  4. [ ] Find out where is the second largest city of your country and share the link with the supervisor.
  5. [ ] Find out where is the largest lake in your country and share the link with your supervisor.

10.1 Learn about free software

  1. [ ] Visit the and read about the GNU project.
  2. [ ] Understand what is free software and 4 software freedoms, submit report back about your understanding.
  3. [ ] Submit report back why proprietary software should not be used and discuss it so long with supervisor until understanding have been achieved.
  4. [ ] Make sure that no proprietary applications are installed on the company phone. What you do on private phone is not concern of the business. Business phone is then assigned to Communication and Reporting Officer I/C.

11 Finalize report

  1. [ ] If there are any repors that you have not finished as given by this project, please finish the reports first and send it by email or submit on paper face to face.
  2. [ ] Once you have finished sending or submitting reports, and all the pictures, send us your confirmation that you have finished the project.
  3. [ ] This project is test project and there is no payment.
  4. [ ] Tell to mentor of any cognition or success by doing this project.

Author: Jean Louis

Created: 2021-03-31 Wed 10:42