Don’t discuss things for which you don’t have indirect knowledge

I am surprised how many people are willing to accuse those they do not even know without fear of repercussion.

I never accuse neither believe the rumours that is spread in media.

Who was with whom in the bed, which prince had which sex somewhere with which person or princess, if some singer kicked someone’s ass, or broke up with the wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, who took which drugs, involved in which crimes without evidences, all those are rumors newspaper and media use to make money out of it.

There are people who listen to fact-less nonsense while media makes money by using the freedom of speech to say anything, lies included.

Personally I do not bother about such types of “news”, as I will not enter or intrude in other people’s lives, neither spread such news around as I do not have any direct knowledge of their relations!

Even if I have direct knowledge of somebody’s relation I would think twice if I wish to publish such information in public and how to publish it. I could manipulate the facts and publish only few facts that when taken out of the context could result in heinous outcome. That is why I am not going to do that. And I urge you not to behave like that.

Don’t spread rumours and don’t believe rumors.

Judge people on their merits.

Each of us have separate relations. Judge your relations separately from your indirect knowledge. If you do not know the person that is being talked about, don’t negatively judge the person if you do not have indirect knowledge about it.

An imaginary relation from Joe to Jane may be perfect, but the relation between Jane and Peter may be bad relation, they may hate each other. Thus Joe, who has not get any direct knowledge of the relation between Jane and Peter shall not criticize or negatively judge Jane, but Joe shall judge Jane by what Joe knows about Joe’s relation to Jane.

Relations are separate and shall be observed separately.

It is true that some people are relationship destroyers. But then again, judge the person by the direct knowledge you have, and if you are not involved in the relation you most probably do not have any direct knowledge. It is better not to create rumours on others.

If there is very direct knowledge for Joe to know what happened between Jane and Peter then this may be relevant for both relations.

But if there is no direct knowledge, than there is no factual and informed reason to negatively judge that relation.

You could help your friend Jane with friendly advises, but don’t criticize what you don’t know directly.

Keep your good relation with Jane intact, as you do not know the context of arguments between Jane and Peter, and you do not know directly and thoroughly what happened before, during and after their conflict.

Thus don’t criticize or defame persons of good will, based on your fact-less indirect knowledge that you heard in media or third parties about third parties.

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