Protonmail is one of email service providers that allegedly offers zero-knowledge email management. This would mean that emails are automaticaly encrypted upon their arrival to the server and that the company does not have access to users' keys to decrypt such emails.

Normally, if you get a free email address at some public providers such as those like Google you will be under surveillance for government and private purposes. Google is member of PRISM (surveillance program). Your email messages will be automatically harvested for profit. It has more than 100,000 staff members of which none of them is known to you. Each of them could be corrupted and have access to your data. Your private and business transactions have no security with Google and other public email providers.

One solution is to use other email providers. Yet hosting provider almost always has access to the server data as server data is not encrypted.

The remedy is to use the zero-knowledge email service providers or to maintain your own email server that upon acceptance of the email immediately encrypts it for the user.

IMHO all mail transport agents shall have built-in encryption and thus zero-knowledge of email contents by the server administrator.

For now we know that Protonmail has zero-knowledge implemented and Zeyple filter.

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