Principles of handling people’s data in the database

  1. All email messages and their corresponding files or directories have to be indexed in the database. If not, we would lose contacts to important people in such email messages.

  2. Verification for such related email addresses shall be run once per month. All email addresses, to people related files and directories shall be indexed and sorted properly, so that we do not lose contact to potentially important people.

  3. All contacts with or without email addresses have to be indexed in the database including people who call back ever on any of our phone numbers.

  4. For all contacts we have to run interactions count at least once per month.

  5. We have to verify which contacts had high interactions and stopped interacting with us and for which reason. Solve the reasons. Maybe they lost or changed their previous email address. Maybe they unsubscribed or there is some other reason.

  6. By rule one shall categorize reasons why some people stop communicating.

  7. Find out all contacts with higher interactions that never have received email messages from our mailing list system. Include them in those mailing lists.

  8. All email addresses in accounts have to be verified to be existing in the people table as well.

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